March - October M-F, 7:00AM-4:00PM
November - February M-F, 7:30AM-4:00PM

Hello and Welcome!

Please feel free to shop our website, or in person at the nursery, for the best, freshest plants to meet your needs. We update our availability daily, so you can know that what is listed is what we have at that moment.

Ordering: To place your order, log in and select Start New Order from the main menu. This allows you to order at any time of the day or night at your own convenience.

You can also utilize our site to find locations of plants when shopping in person. Simply go to Products → Availability, search for your plant then click on the plant name. A Popup window will show the plant's location here at the nursery.

Delivery continues on our regular schedule, however please note that when we are experiencing peak shipping some orders might be delayed by a day or two. They will still be shipped the same week.

You can set your order up for Delivery, or you can Pick Up at the Nursery during business hours. We continue to offer free order pulling service.

If you would like to set up an account, click here.

Note: We are wholesale only. If you are not a wholesale customer, and would like to purchase our plants, please visit your local Garden Center and look for the T&L Plant tags!

Thank You and Happy Gardening!